Friday, October 19, 2007

Hello Colorado, Good Bye Colorado

Talk about a quick trip. I arrived at Denver International today at 2:45 and head out tomorrow afternoon around 5:00 pm. I'm actually staying south of Denver in the boomtown of Parker. There are new rooftops everywhere... except in this photo from my hotel room, of course.

I remember my first trip to Denver. I was surprised how far Denver is from the Rocky Mountains. I thought it would be right next to the foothills, but you have to drive about 20 miles or so from Denver to get to the mountain roads. The interesting thing is, however, no matter where you stay in the Denver area you always have a view of the Rockies in the distance (as long as your room points to the west!). Seeing mountains is nothing unusual to me. Southern California is surrounded by 10,000 foot peaks -- we look directly at 10,000 foot + Mount Baldy from the front door of our house. The spectacular thing about the Rockies, though, is that when you're out on the plains you get a panorama of miles and miles of mountains stretching from north to south as far as the eye can see. And the sunsets... tonight's was spectacular.

Take a look at (even if you already have), they have added a "countdown clock" so you can see how much time you have left to vote. And of course, you should Vote for Brad! :-)

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bob.ewing said...

Hey Road Warrior,
Colorado is cool. Too bad you had such a short stay. Hey, I did you 2 favors today--voted for you and bought a copy of both your books. I really enjoyed the preview. Does this qualify for a free lunch?
J. R. Ewing