Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Off and Running

The voting has begun. I don't know how I'm doing, and I won't know until the results are divulged some six weeks from now, but I do know that I've got a few people voting for me. I sent out some emails and several people have responded with "I voted for you!" and quite a few have said they passed the word on to others. Thanks!

Here you see me in my natural habitat. While I may be a Road Warrior, my more common position is sitting at my desk driving a computer. The Road Warrior contest is a pretty common topic of discussion around the office. Primarily because I keep bringing it up! Wouldn't you?

Now of course where I would rather be is the location of my third photo that was submitted for the contest - Kauai. We had actually been given a room with a terrible view (that we paid highly for) when we checked into the Marriott Waiohai at Poipu Beach, but a little friendly complaining got us moved to the best view in the house.

Don't forget -- vote for Brad. This link won't take you to Hawaii, but it will take you to the voting page (I'm right at the top of the list) --http://www.americanwaymag.com/Surveys/RoadWarrior/RoadWarriorVoting2007/tabid/3397/Default.aspx?PageContentID=11

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