Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sometimes I'm Actually on the Road

My life on the road used to be spent primarily "on the road." Early in my Church Development Fund career I traveled the highways and bi-ways of California by car. I used to put 30 - 35,000 miles per year on my car. Nowadays I do about double that in the air. Yesterday, however, I got a taste of the road with a driving trip to Bakersfield - a 326 mile round trip.

While there are a lot of inconveniences of air travel -- security checks, airport parking, middle seats, etc. -- there are some real benefits to being an "air warrior" over being a "road warrior." It's kind of hard to set up my laptop and get some work done while I'm driving (not that I haven't tried! -- just kidding!!). The primary traffic you have to worry about is how long it's going to take for everyone to get their luggage down from the overhead bin before you get a chance to climb out. And, of course, you cover 326 miles in about a half an hour.

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